Why Donate?

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After providing free of cost and taking no donations from anyone for two years, PeopleOfSunnah.com is ready for accepting donations. PeopleOfSunnah.com is being maintained with insufficient resources and the burden falls on the shoulders of a single brother. At the same time due to lack of resources it has been hard to purchase books in order to scan them to make them available for the masses. To ensure that PeopleOfSunnah.com can continue providing authentic Islamic teaching and guidance to the Muslims, kindly help it by donating even if it is as little as $1. Charity in the way of Allah never goes unpaid.

Whatever good you spend is for your own selves, and you shall not spend but to seek the pleasure of Allah, and whatever good thing you spend shall be repaid to you in full, and you shall not be wronged. – [Surah Baqarah:272]

Your donation will be utilized solely for the maintenance of the website as well as making more literature available for the people. The donation will not be used by any individual for his/her personal means.